Another amazing Frost Fair! Fabulous street market, food, drinks a parade, a juggler, music and the big lights switch on. What a great day, thanks to everyone invovled and all you lovely people who came along.
I'm taking a break from Creative Club over the summer, but may do some one off workshops, information will be on the website, instagram and facebook. 
Look at the baskets we made!!  All you need is some folded pages from a magazine,  sticky tape, a stapler and a bit of patience. I will post the' recepie' at some point soon, watch this space!
The theme for May was CIRCLES. As well as the usual making and chat we were treated to a workshop by local artsist Felicity Truscott. Felicity showed us how to weave with flat band cane to make a basket or sphere, it was so exciting as the 2d became 3d and our brains relaxed into the over under over under rythmn! I'm hoping Felicity will show some of her larger creations in the shop window soon, details to follow.
 ​​​​​​​​Aprils Creative Club was a GREEN theme. On the making front we had paper leaves, crochet, darning, knitting and stitching. Flapjacks were eaten, tea and coffee drunk and we had a very interesting discussion about sashiko (japanese mending/stitching).
On the 24th march I hosted the first Creative Club (for grown  ups!) in the shop. The topic was yellow, which sparked disscussions about Imperial china, little girl pink overload and our attraction to golden hues. A few knitting tips were swapped and the lemon cake went down well! The colour theme was poplular, so the collective decision was for a green theme for next months meeting on the 21st April. 
As part on the St Leonards Jane Eyre project, I've been busy making origami stars from  pages of the book, which I'll be giving away for FREE (!) 21st February - 7th March. Go to​​​​​​​​​​​​ for more details of other events or just wander around St Leonards and see all the wonderful window displays, special menus and community projects.